Timeline of Stone's Folly

* 1887
Erastus R. Stone begins construction of his dream home, an American palace with Oriental and Medieval European influences.

* 1889
Erastus R. Stone runs out of funding for his castle after spending $30,000 on its construction, an astronomical figure during that time. Today’s equivalent, considering the worth of the dollar and also comparing the costs of certain building materials, is roughly $7.3 million.

* 1890s
During the 1890s, Stone’s Folly was purchased by the American Bible Society of Philadelphia for a mere $5,000.

* September-October 1900
Rev. Charles Parham rents Stone’s Folly for use as Bethel College and Bible School and as a healing home.

* January 1, 1901
The Holy Ghost is poured out as the students pray in the New Year of a New Century!

* June, 1901
Stone’s Folly is purchased by Harry Croft and the occupants of the Bethel Healing House and Bible School are evicted. Instead, the building becomes home to a speakeasy, a casino, and a brothel.

* December 6, 1901
Stone’s Folly is completely destroyed by fire, leaving only a shell.

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